Certification information

(Council on Accreditation and Standards)

You are invited to attend any Regional or National Conference offered by the Administrative Personnel Association prior to becoming a member.  Course hours accumulated will be kept on file for one year from date taken.  Within that year, if you become a member, those hours will count toward certification.

Attention! New Way to earn Certification/CE Credit

APA members now have a new means of advancing in their certification or continuing education during the pandemic and beyond. APA’s Council on Accreditation and Standards (CAS) recently decided to incorporate recorded course study into APA’s certification program.

Here are key points to know about recorded course accreditation:

  • APA will allow each member a limit of 10 hours of APA-approved video course study per certification level, 50 hours of continuing education or concentrated studies certification.
  • The region presenting a recorded course for CAS approval is responsible for embedding within the recording or providing other, adequate verification methods for documentation of participation (such as discussion questions or polling requiring a participant's response).
  • Members must register for or check out recorded courses through their regional certification chairs and must pay the required fee in order for certification credit to be recorded.
  • To receive credit, members also must fulfill the participation verification criteria for the courses taken.
  • CAS suggests a $25 fee per recorded class, depending on the costs of offering the class. $15 of each $25 fee should be given to the participating member’s region.
  • Recorded Polity courses should be no older than three years; all other courses should be no older than five years.
  • Polity courses may only fulfill core or concentrated studies course requirements or earn continuing education hours; recorded Polity classes cannot fulfill the requirement that members must take a Polity class every three years to retain current certification. 

Keep in mind also that CAS has revised APA's Certification Program so that a member may receive core credit for a core class for any level (rather than having to wait until he or she is within 10 hours of completing the previous level), provided the member advises his or her regional certification chair of intent and has paid the appropriate certification fee.

Please contact your regional chair for additional information about how you might benefit from this convenient new option for earning certification credit or CE hours.

Council on Accreditation and Standards Contacts

National Accreditation and Standards Chairperson

     Melissa Willis

     Presbytery of Florida

     PO Box 7

     Chipley, FL  32428


Atlantic Region (Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia)

     Kris Krawczyk

     New Castle Presbyterian Church

     25 E. 2nd Street

     New Castle, DE  19720


     Yzette Swavy-Lipton

     Presbytery of New York City

     475 Riverside Drive #1600

     New York, NY  10115


Heartland Region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin)

     Trish Deppermann

     United Presbyterian Church

     2400 W. Northmoor Road

     Peoria, IL  61614


Pacific Region (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington)

     Connie Poulton

     Spanish Springs Presbyterian Church

     4884 Sparks Blvd #102

     Sparks, NV  89436


Southeast Region (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Tennessee)

     Lisa Lovelady

     Synod of South Atlantic

     118 East Monroe Street

     Jacksonville, FL  32202


Southwest Region (Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming)

     Theresa Wright

     Presbytery of Tres Rios

     1201 W. Wall

     Midland, TX  79701