Meet the Council

  • National President - Bobbi Hoffman

    Bobbi has worked for the Presbytery of Plains and Peaks since July 1999.  She started working as an Administrative Assistant and her title changed to Office Administrator in 2005.  Over the years, she has added more duties to her job description, including but not limited to bookkeeping; Recording Clerk for Council and COM; support for Council, COM, and Nominating.

    In 2012, she started working part time as the Office Support / Bookkeeper for the Synod of the Rocky Mountains.  She currently does bookkeeping; directory; and any officer support that may be needed by the Stated Clerk and/or Treasurer.

    She has been a member of APA for the 20 years that she has worked for the Presbytery.  During this time she has prepared newsletters for the former Rocky Mountain region; planned the 2007 regional conference and helped plan the 2010 regional conference; co-chaired the planning team for the 2008 national conference; served as the regional certification chair for eight years which included serving on the national Certification Council; served as the regional President which included being on the National Council and National Nominating Committee.

    Bobbi has been married for 20 years and has two children, a daughter and a son.  The family currently resides in Grover, Colorado.

    She can be reached by phone at 970-352-6496.

  • National President Elect - NANCYFINE

    Nancy has worked at First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, Florida, since 1996.  Over the years, her title changed from Consultant to Secretary to Office Manager to Church Administrator to Business Administrator.  She joined APA in 2010 and is working on her fifth 50 hours of Continuing Education.  She has served as her region's Membership Chair and President.  Nancy also served as the National Membership Vice-Chair and Chair.

    Born Jewish, Nancy converted to Presbyterian in 2015 and was elected by her congregation as an Elder to serve judiciaries above the church level.  She has two children, two grandchildren, a canine daughter, and two feline sons.  She loves Polity, Administration, gardening, and spending time with her family.

    She can be reached by phone at 561-276-6338.

  • national Secretary - Theresa wright

    She began her journey with Tres Rios Presbytery in March of 1984 as a 19-year-old.  This is the only "job" I have ever had.  I recently celebrated my 35th anniversary.  When I began so long ago, I was the part-time secretary.  After a year, I was added to the full-time staff and "promoted" to Administrative Assistant.  Over the years my job description has changed but these days I am considered the "doer and keeper" of all things.  I serve as Recording Clerk for the Presbytery (and all committees, task forces, teams, pretty much anything that MEETS); bookkeeper; secretary; receptionist; office manager; staff for the Youth and Presbyterian Women.  Several years ago I was presented an "Honorary Life Membership" by the Presbyterian Women.  The Presbytery joked how could this happen?  She is a Baptist!  But I love working with the PW organization.

    I have been a member of APA for 32 years.  I was first asked to serve on the Southwest Regional Board as Membership Chair and have never regretted saying yes.  There will never been a bigger blessing in my life.  The relationships I have formed over the years can never be replaced.  I have served as Membership Chair, Certification Chair, President, and chaired the conference committee for the three conferences that were held in Midland.  Another joy was serving as APA Office Manager for ten years.  I loved working with the regional boards and having close communication with the members.

    I have two children.  My hobbies include traveling with my family, watching sports and reality TV, volunteering when I have free time, and fostering puppies for a local rescue organization.  

    She can be reached by phone at 432-682-5297.

  • national treasurer - susan carpenter

    Susan is a member of the Southeast region of APA.  She is currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and works for the Presbytery of Tropical Florida (over 11 years and for 17 years prior at Second Presbyterian Church).

    She was born in London, Ontario, Canada and moved at the age of five to the Bahamas.  In 1975 she moved to Fort Lauderdale where she finished off her high school years.  Susan attended The College of Wooster and then Duke University's Fuqua School of Business where she received her MBA with a concentration in Accounting and then sat and passed her CPA exams.  

    She joined APA in 2016 kicking and screaming because APA was there for the administrative staff, not the accounting staff.  Once she realized her error, she joined, jumping right in taking on the responsibilities of the regional treasurer and as a committee member of the the regional conference planning committee.  She treasurers the friendship and knowledge that have come from her participation in APA.

    She can be reached by phone at 954-785-2220.

  • national certification chair - melissa willis

    Melissa has been the Presbytery of Florida's administrative assistant/administrator since July 2009 and an APA member since 2010, serving as the former Florida region's certification chair.  As a Baptist, she has found APA courses covering Presbyterian polity, theology, and church history particularly helpful in her work.

    Her prior professional background includes experience as a journalist/communication specialist for an electric utility and as a news writer.  She is an Auburn University alumna with a B.A. in Communication.

    Melissa is an Elba, Alabama native who has lived in northwest Florida since 1994.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and being outdoors.

    She can be reached by phone at 850-535-2335.

  • national interim membership chair - ANNETTE HOUTZ

    Annette has been a member of APA since 2022. In addition to serving multiple offices at the Regional level, she served four years as National Membership Chair. 

    Annette graciously accepted being the Interim Membership Chair, through December 31, 2022, when Nancy Fine accepted the position of National President-Elect.

    She can be reached by phone at 770-963-9498.